Southern Front Range

Saving space for agriculture

Colorado’s population along the Southern Front Range, from Colorado Springs to Pueblo, is growing and urbanizing at an unprecedented rate. Development pressures and the resulting fragmentation of the countryside increasingly threaten this landscape, and there is a small window of time to help shape the future of this entire region.

Preservation of this landscape sustains traditional farming and ranching and protects migratory routes for birds, mammals, and other wildlife. It also allows citizens of nearby urban areas to experience and understand the rural lifestyle.

Particularly of note, the picturesque St. Charles River Valley east of Beulah faces significant pressure as a bedroom community for Pueblo. The valley contains some of the most productive ranch land in the Southern Front Range. Working with dedicated landowners in this valley, we have protected approximately 50% of the St. Charles River between the National Forest boundary on the west and the plains to the east. In addition, the tireless dedication of these families has protected thousands of acres of scenic agricultural lands and rugged foothill canyons buffering the National Forest.

Featured Projects:
3R Ranch
Pueblo County, 1,960 Acres
By far the largest intact ranch in the area. Protects a portion of the St. Charles River, and serves as habitat for peregrine falcons.
Bennet Ranch
Pueblo County, 320 Acres
Gently sloping grass and shrublands interspersed with deep narrow canyons.
Cheyenne Mountain

El Paso County, 919 Acres
Contains a portion of the historic Dixon Trail. Mixed conifer forest, grassland, ravine riparian and foothills shrubland habitats.


Hanna Ranch
El Paso County, 546 Acres
Protects and important floodplain and upland habitats. With I-25 to the east, it provides unhindered views of a historical agricultural operation. For more on the video, see this webpage.
Partners: GOCO, El Paso County, NRCS Farm and Ranchlands Protection Program
Roper Ranch

Pueblo County, 280 acres
Owned by the same family since the late 1890s. Located between the Turtle Buttes on the north and the North St. Charles River canyon on the south, and contains a portion of the eastern slope of the Wet Mountains.

Venetucci Farm
El Paso County, 197 Acres
Visible from I-25 and State Highway 85 and known for its annual pumpkin giveaway to school children every fall. Habitat for migratory birds and animals of all sorts that have been pushed to the farm from encroaching development.

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