land conservation


Our primary tool is the conservation easement

We serve our community and future generations by helping private landowners place voluntary legal agreements called conservation easements on their property. Under the terms of these agreements, their ranch stays their ranch, their farm stays their farm. The process is driven by the wishes of the landowner, but with the goal of protecting open space, water, and wildlife habitat – forever. 

We guide our partner landowners through the process of placing the easement on their land, and then visit each property annually to ensure that the easement is upheld. While each easement is different and tailored to the land it protects, they all have the same overarching goals: permanent protection from the property being subdivided or developed. That means that all the benefits that come from the land remain: scenic views, fresh water, wildlife habitat, local food production, and Colorado’s heritage.

Since our inception, we have protected over 600,000 acres of Colorado in more than 600 individual conservation easements!  Our Strategic Plan has a roadmap to achieve 800,000 acres conserved by 2025.

The map below shows our conservation successes to date!  View our statewide impact and zoom in to click any yellow dot for more information on the associated property.

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