Conserved Colorado


We love Colorado.

We love its lands, and we love its people.

Let’s bring them together.

Conserved Colorado is a collaboration of people, all in support of land conservation. At Colorado Open Lands, we connect these people – whether they are landowners, consumers, or businesses.

Conserved Colorado starts with a landowner who chooses to protect their land with a conservation easement. Conserving land means permanent protection from property subdivision and development. It means that an open space stays an open space, a ranch stays a ranch – forever. It means that all the benefits that come from the land remain for future generations: local food, scenic views, fresh water, wildlife habitat, outdoor recreation, outdoor education, and Colorado’s heritage.

Landowners work hard to conserve and steward their land. Oftentimes, they produce our food and products, and host our adventures! As consumers or businesses, we can honor these landowners by purchasing the goods and services from their conserved land. Colorado Open Lands publishes two seasonal guides per year to help you do just that! Our guides are a user-friendly way for you to support landowners who have given Coloradans the ultimate gift of protecting their land.

The Conserved Colorado Summer 2024 Guide is now available! We are thrilled to keep growing the momentum of this program, representing even more landowners and land trusts in Colorado! This summer, we hope you bring along this guide as you enjoy everything Colorado has to offer. Click on the picture on your right to view the full guide.

If you are a Colorado landowner selling products and/or services from conserved land and would like to join this program, please contact Yvonne Schramm at The program is free to join, and your property can be conserved with any land trust or organization in the state.

This guide provides a direct connection between landowners and consumers, but we acknowledge that many landowners who have conserved their land may also sell to businesses such as restaurants. As this program grows, consumers will be able to support both businesses who source from conserved land, as well as directly from landowners. If you are a business who sources from conserved land, please contact Yvonne Schramm at for more information.