our mission


To preserve the significant open lands
and natural heritage of Colorado through private and public partnerships,
innovative land conservation techniques and strategic leadership.

Colorado Open Lands is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit land trust that exists to protect Colorado’s land and water resources. We work primarily with private landowners to place voluntary agreements called conservation easements on their property. Their ranch stays their ranch, their farm stays their farm. The process is driven by the wishes of the landowner with the goal of protecting open space, water, and wildlife habitat – forever.

We believe that the unmatched quality of life that Colorado offers is directly tied to our natural resources. With projected growth of 36% population growth by 2050, (Source: Colorado Demographer’s Office) we believe we can preserve that quality of life by protecting the most special places in Colorado while we still have the chance.

How does our work benefit you, if you don’t own land?

We value the same things you value. We love fresh water, healthy local food, places to play outside, breathtaking views, thriving wildlife, and the healthy economy that all these things bring to Colorado. Protecting land protects the things you value – forever.


Thriving Wildlife


Healthy Waterways


Scenic Views


Epic Recreation


Strong local agriculture

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