Jenn Murdock

Jenn Murdock

GIS Manager

Growing up in the rural farmlands of Eastern Colorado, water and land issues were ever present yet seldom taught in Jenn’s community. It was not until 2011 that she was introduced to land and water resources in a much deeper context. While studying freshwater resources and climate systems in Christchurch, New Zealand, a deadly earthquake struck the town destroying its water infrastructure system. Jenn performed water quality testing as the Christchurch community fill water jugs from giant trucks carrying water from nearby cities. Upon returning from Christchurch, Jenn embarked on a field research methods class where her interest in freshwater resources and the use of GIS for natural resource management grew as she explored the impact of upstream water users on downstream users in Nicaragua and Baja California. Jenn obtained her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and Economics as well as a master’s degree in Geographic Information Science from the University of Denver. She has studied many facets of land management including revegetation after Colorado wildfires, the effect of changing snow regimes on ice formation and its impact on winter economies, and global surface water dynamics.

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