Buckskin Gulch


74 acres, park county

The Buckskin Placer property lies between the Alma Cemetery and Pike National Forest west of the Town of Alma. This property was the historic townsite of Buckskin Joe, the original mining district in the area and one-time county seat. The property includes one mile of Buckskin Creek, wetlands, open meadows, aspen and conifer forests, and has been used by the public for camping. Park County Road 12 traverses the property as the route for travelers visiting 14ers Mt. Lincoln, Mt. Bross, and Mt. Democrat.

The Town of Alma’s water supply system, including a pond and infiltration gallery, is located on an inholding within the property, so this easement also serves as water supply protection for the Town. In 2020, this property was up for sale with likely development for custom lots with stream frontage, when two community members purchased the property to hold until the Town could buy it. They, along with the Alma Foundation, have saved the property for public open space. The Town of Alma raised funds needed for the purchase and expenses from a GOCO Resilient Communities Grant, the Park County Land & Water Trust Fund, and the Alma Foundation.