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Reaching our youngest coloradans

Today’s youth – the next generation of leaders that will be protecting our land – need a repertoire of knowledge and skills that is more complex than any previous generation of students. We want youth to have the opportunity to become leaders in the environ­mental field and integrate their care for nature into their personal and professional lives as adults. This is only possible if educators are equipped and empowered to facilitate environmental learning in their classrooms. COL addresses this need by hosting Teacher Workshops to help K-12 educators learn about land and water conserva­tion, develop hands-on skills, and compose curriculum that is tied to state standards and instills a sense of appreciation for conservation among their students.

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San Luis Valley teacher Workshop

June 3-7, 2024
Fort Garland, CO

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sacramento creek ranch teacher Workshop

June 25-27, 2024
Fairplay, CO

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san Luis Valley Teacher Workshop

Co-Hosted with Trinchera Ranch

Join us for a 5-day, 3 graduate credit workshop all about wildlife! Students are naturally inclined to love animals, so why not use that love to educate about Colorado’s wildlife, their habitat, and how we can protect them. This is a brand-new curriculum, so we invite all Colorado K-12, special education, literacy, gifted and talented classroom educators, and outdoor education specialists to join us. Since this is a new session, it is also open to those who have attended our workshops before! Educators will become Project Wild certified, collaborate with conservation practitioners, build their knowledge base, develop hands-on skills, and receive both classroom and outdoor based lesson plans and resources.

This workshop is held at the beautiful Trinchera Ranch outside of Ft. Garland, Colorado. This 177,000-acre conserved ranch lies within the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains and boasts a variety of pristine habitats that help facilitators make the content come to life! To view a video of what past workshops have looked like, click here. 

When: June 3-7, 2024
Where: Fort Garland, Colorado
Cost: $75 (includes graduate credit)
Lodging & Meals: At Trinchera Ranch – all included!
The program is full for 2024. Please add yourself to the waitlist HERE.

Questions? Contact Judy Lopez at judy.lopez@trincheraranch.com or 719.580.5300 or
Yvonne Schramm at 
yschramm@coloradoopenlands.org or 303.988.2373 ext. 223

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Sacramento Creek ranch Teacher Workshop

Co-Hosted with Mountain Area Land Trust

Join us for a 3-day, 1 graduate credit workshop to learn about wildlife, forestry, and water! This workshop is open to all Colorado K-12, special education, literacy programs and gifted and talented classroom educators. Educators will take part in discussions with expert staff, develop hands-on skills in the outdoors, receive take-home classroom resources, and complete a lesson link project to plan how they will apply the information learned to their subject and grade level.

This workshop is held at Sacramento Creek Ranch near Fairplay, Colorado. This 71-acre conserved property was conserved in 2020 and boasts many nature trails, beaver ponds, and if you’re lucky – wildlife sightings!

When: June 25-27, 2024
Where: Fairplay, Colorado
Cost: $65 (includes graduate credit)
Lodging & Meals: Included with your registration fee
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Registration: Opens here on April 19, 2024

Questions? Contact Yvonne Schramm at yschramm@coloradoopenlands.org or 303.988.2373 ext. 223
or Jeff Jordan at jeff@savetheland.org

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Classroom resources

Unable to attend a teacher workshop but looking for classroom resources about Colorado’s natural resources? With support from the Colorado Department of Natural Resources and the Trinchera Blanca Foundation, Colorado Open Lands produced six short videos to help introduce different environmental topics to students. The videos cover topics such as wildlife, watersheds, sustainable agriculture, forests and more. They are age-appropriate and a great way to present topics to students in the classroom. They are available for free and can be viewed on our YouTube channel at this link.