Oak Meadows Ranch is located in Moffat and Rio Blanco Counties, south of the City of Craig and northeast of the Town of Meeker. The property is managed as summer grazing ground for cattle by the Steele family, which has been ranching for six generations. Four generations currently help manage the cattle operation.

The 1,721-acre property consists of sagebrush shrublands, montane meadows, and intermountain mixed species forest. Habitat is provided for greater sage-grouse, bald eagle, Columbian sharp-tailed grouse, ferruginous hawk, greater sandhill crane, northern leopard frog, elk, moose, mountain lion, and mule deer. Large numbers of elk and mule deer are often present on the property. Oak Meadows Ranch is visible from Moffat County Roads 41 and 45, and from adjacent Bureau of Land Management lands and nearby National Forest Service lands.

Natural Resources Conservation Service was a project partner.

Photos by D. Reeder, Rare Earth Science. Below photo includes Sharon and Darryl Steele, landowners.

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