Tucker Open Space is a 323-acre property that had been in private ownership until 2020 when it was purchased by Boulder County.
”This unique property, with its vast array of environmental resources, has been on the wish list for Boulder County’s open space program for many years. We, along with the Boulder County Parks & Open Space Foundation who also donated to this acquisition, are excited to work with Great Outdoors Colorado and Colorado Open Lands to finally protect this area for
all,” said Therese Glowacki, Boulder County Parks & Open Space director.

Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) provided funding towards the purchase price of the property. As a condition of the funding, GOCO required Boulder County to permanently protect the property as open space with a conservation easement. 
The property was homesteaded and owned by the same family since the 1880s. It is located less than a mile from the Town of Nederland and was one of the last remaining large, undeveloped parcels of land in the area. The project is bordered by U.S. Forest Service land as well as additional Boulder County open space land, for a total of 28,717 contiguous acres of open space, adding to the benefit for people and wildlife.  The property is managed as open space and is open to the public for passive recreation.